BBC英语小测验:和 “邮政” 有关的英语常识

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  2. Letters from companies that you don't know which are trying to sell you something are called this.

  a) scales

  d) a frank

  4. Many online sellers can arrange ______ for an extra fee.

  b) soon-delivery

  a) spam

  b) box

  b) follow your delivery

  3. You need to buy one of these to pay for the cost of posting a letter.

  c) next-day delivery

  1. Before you send a letter to someone you need to put it in a(n) ______.

  c) wrapping paper

  5. If you want to know when your online shopping will arrive, some companies give you the information to ______.

  c) a watermark

  d) track your delivery

  a) envelope

  d) packet


  c) see your delivery

  原标题:《BBC英语小测验:和 “邮政” 有关的英语常识》

  c) gauge

  a) a postcode

  a) trail your delivery

  a) tomorrow-delivery

  6. The cost of sending something in the post depends on the weight. At the post office you have to put it on the ______.

  b) balance

  c) junk mail

  d) trash letters

  每年的10月9日是由万国邮政联盟(Universal Postal Union)设立的 “世界邮政日 International Post Day”。传统的邮递系统拉近了人与人之间的距离,也加深了地区之间的沟通和交流。当代社会中,邮政服务仍是商务、生活中必不可少的一部分。通过做下面的小测验,学习六个和 “邮递、邮政 post” 有关的英语语言点。

  1) a, 2) c, 3) b, 4) c, 5) d, 6) a.

  b) hate mail

  d) measure

  b) a stamp

  d) quickly-delivery


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